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At Banales & Associates, our focus is our clients, and the primary objective of the firm is to provide the best representation possible to our clients.  

Having a trusted and experienced advocate is crucial in navigating through difficult times.  This includes both a thorough knowledge of the law and a genuine desire to help.  Whether you are going through a divorce,  in need of a guardianship, facing a custody dispute, or seeking an estate plan, these are all important issues that impact your life and the lives of your loved ones.  We counsel, we negotiate, and we advocate for our clients.  Our team is well prepared and will tailor our approach to the client’s specific situation and needs. 

As some of our clients are facing their first legal action, we understand the importance of explaining the process and discussing the options available.  Our law firm is focused on the efficient and effective resolution of our client’s legal issues.  In some cases, that means focusing our efforts on settlement.  In other cases, negotiating a settlement may not be possible and litigation must be pursued.  Whatever course of action is taken for our clients, we emphasize practical problem solving through experienced negotiation and courtroom advocacy.  We are committed to protecting our clients and advocating for their interests. 

In the course of our representation, we believe that zealous advocacy should be partnered with professionalism and respect towards the parties, the attorneys, and the court.  We encourage our clients to overcome the natural course of destruction that comes with a family dispute and move forward with a positive mind-set, knowing that the legal action will ultimately end and they will be free to move on into a healthier, brighter future.  For those cases involving children, we strive to assist our clients with understanding the impact a divorce has on their children, and how the parents behavior can greatly minimize the negative effects of a divorce on their children.

We maintain close communication with our clients and they benefit from having a team of lawyers and support staff to assist them throughout their case.   It is a regular occurrence for our clients to express appreciation not only for the representation they receive, but also for the level of support and understanding they receive from our firm.  Meet our team by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page, and then follow up with a phone to call to talk to us. 

Taking the first step of talking to a lawyer is sometimes the hardest step to take.  Call us today to educate yourself about the law, your rights, and the options available to you. 

We can help.    

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